Monday, October 20, 2008

Polar Express

OK this is just wild! For three years now we have tried to win tickets to a Polar Express event in NH. They totally recreate the experience of the Polar Express book (or movie for those who have experienced it cinematically instead) for kids of all ages. There are limited seats and trips so one must enter a lottery for the privilege of buying tickets. Like I said, 3 years running i have tried to win. I am not known for winning ANYTHING! This year the ad came in and dithered for about a week over whether or not I would enter. After all, I had flushed $20 the past 2 years and won nothing. (OK my inner voice reminds me, you didn't WIN but this goes to a non profit agency which helps promote literacy among low income children. That isn't exactly flushing money!) Yeah okay, but money is squeaky tight this year. And Lissa won't be old enough to remember this. But then I watch KC oogling the brochure. "Santa Claus is my best friend" he announces emphatically. How many years will I have when Santa is his best friend? And how many more opportunities to have Robbie immerse himself in a bit of holiday magic without feeling dorky or un-cool? That pretty much settled the deal. I wrote the check and mailed the entry form. And we won!!!! Did I mention we WON!!! We have spent an obscene amount of money on tickets and will likely have to spend money on a hotel room but we are all going to ride the Polar Express. Don't tell me there isn't Yule magic!!!

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