Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

OK I am known for celebrating virtually anything, but I really love Halloween. There is something so fun filled about walking around at night. Sometimes it is less about the candy (really--not ALL my kids are candy fanatics!) and seeing the decorations, the stars, how differently things look in darkness. I know today will be busy and kind of crazy schedule wise but we will be having our spooky supper as always. This is an Erikson family tradition. We eat by candle light and the meal reflects the holiday. In years past we had a swamp water punch and merenque bones for instance. This year, for our family culinary pleasure I am offering up a simpler feast as Kirsty is working and i am home alone with the 4 kids. We will dine on worms (pasta and cheese) witches brooms and bones (bread stix that I shape) witches brew (mulled cider punch) and pumpkin cake.

Then it is off to visit KC's former day care provider who likes to see costumes each year and then to Riverside for the halloween party and then out to trick or treat. Some of my best memories as a child are of Halloween which may be why I make it such a big deal in our house. But it is also a night when on a more serious level I remember more intensely those who have gone before. I am lucky enough to be the 4th generation of my family to reside in our home and I feel the spirits of ancestors on this night when the veil is thin.

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