Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy Times

I guess that our life is always somewhat busy, but fall seems to rachet everything up a notch. And I know it is only a precurser because then there is Thanksgiving and Yule and New Years until we all collapse in a heap sometime in mid January! I mourn the diminishing light we are experiencing. Our trips to the park are shorter now as it is dark by 6:30. But it is fun to look for pretty leaves and it helps make the turning of the wheel more something to celebrate than mourn.

This Saturday there is a peace vigil at church and I plan on going with the kids. I think it is important to take time and talk about the need for peace and peaceful solutions. And there is something magical for all ages to stand in darkness holding candles as we circle our peace pole and sing. Our lives are candles of brightness too, shining in the way we live our lives. The sight of the candles we hold reminds me of how I want my inner light to shine.

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