Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Holiday Weekends

Holiday weekends are just the best. They are my most treasured gift. I think sometimes i like them more than having a whole week off because in that sharply defined 3 days I manage to put so much fun! Somehow I am less intentional when there is a whole week, prone to saying "maybe we'll do that tomorrow" instead of getting off my duff and making sure it happens. (note to self: don't do that with December vacation!!)

Memories I will hold close from this weekend: watching Elisabeth stretch her little body out in the pool with joy and hold a kick board and try to swim! Not even 2 and she is getting the hang of things. I love watching her try new things and expand her abilities so. She is flowering into such a beautiful little person. I remember worrying so much when she was little. She seemed to be less responsive to cuddles and kisses. Now those little arms go tightly around my neck when we are together and she is more excited about doing things on her own or with us.

Our hay ride at the Sholan Farms festival. We are lucky to have an apple orchard remaining in our town and to have a festival where we can be outside enjoying the bounty of the goddess.

Our hike to the top of Browns Hill at Wachusett Meadows. Watching KC pretend he was a "knight" chasing after his brothers who were "kings." The cerulean blue of the sky when we reached the little summit. The feel of Lissa on my back and the sounds of her contented oohs and ahs as we hiked.

Watching KC interact in his church school class. He is making friends and expanding his horizons in so many ways this year but this is one of the biggest changes for him.

Walking with the kids to Barnes and Noble. The air was crisp and it was honestly fun to walk there.

I am blessed. I am grateful.

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