Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Autumn Joy

Yesterday was a red letter day at our house. I wasn't there but between the excited re-tellings of children and the beauty of digi cams, I felt a part of my family's fun none the less. The day started with music class at JOMP in Worcester. KC pronounced the experience as "exceptional." Pretty impressive description for one not yet 5! He loves music and movement so much. When I think back to how chary he was when he initially was enrolled and contrast that with his eager happy participation now, it is like looking at two different children. They literally change in a blink of an eye it seems! After Miss Patty's music class it was off to Friendlys for lunch. This is a bit of an extravangance for us but it is a treat the kids love. And honestly I would rather pay $20 for them to have a relatively healthy meal than for that same amount to be dribbled out over the week in the form of french fries or doughnuts. After that Kirsty had a few errands and then it was off to Sholan Farms to pick apples. The kids and Kirsty were alone in the orchard so they could run up and down the paths between the apples, Rob could climb the tree carefully to get those luscious apples that are found only at the top and all of this was captured on camera for me! There is Lissa proudly holding out an apple nearly as big as her head, Robbie peeking between the branches and KC carefully choosing just what apple he wishes to add to the bag.

Today will be a day when Kirsty turns the bounty into pie filling to add to our larder. Apples that will be added to hot oatmeal on the chilly days to come when memories of yesterday will warm us as much as the food itself.


Yondalla said...

You really should go check out my blog asap.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog once a few months ago and then lost track of it, so I'm glad Yondalla linked us back up. I feel a little bad I chose your name to be my partner's pseudonym, but I'm looking forward to reading more about the real Lee and of course the family you've built.

Lee said...

Oh my gosh, Yondalla! I feel famous LOL I write this really kinda boring blog and you linked to it. (chuckling) I love your blog though, thanks for the link. Seriously, it is very cool!

Thorn, I think it is cool you picked my nick name as a pseudonym, no worries. It is a shortened form of my given name of Leslie.