Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Girl Bling

Look close! Lissa has bling! She got her ears pierced tonight at long last. Kirsty wanted to do her ear piercing when she was an infant. While I agree that seems very easy, she had immune system issues that made me chary of poking holes in her.
Then we thought maybe we should wait till she was old enough to express interest--little realizing that this would come at the tender age of 2. For the past several months she has been eyeballing and fingering Kirsty's earrings (or mine on those odd days when I remember to wear some) and saying "oooh pretty." Actually it is more like "ooooh, pree" but we knew what she meant. Then she would point to her ears and say "pree ME" most emphatically. I talked with some friends who said the most optimal way to pierce at her age was to have both done simultaneously.
Tonight I had the kids at the mall getting birthday gifts for Kirsty and the Piercing Pagoda had two techs on duty and there was virtually no one around. Gotta love the quiet at the mall but it is a sad reflection on the economy. Not even the kids that usually hang out there. . . but anyway, I decided to do her ears since everything seemed to be falling into place. She helped pick out her first earrings. They are birthstone ones and she didn't even cry. She whimpered and looked like she was going to let loose with one of her glass breaking whoops when it was first done, but then we held the mirror up right away and she was entranced with the look of her new earrings.

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Anonymous said...

She DOES look pretty! I'm glad she's happy with them, and her hair looks adorable too.

And speaking of pretty, I liked the sweater coat Kirsty made you! She only allows google/blogger comments and so I couldn't leave it there, but it looks great. I'm working on one for myself as my current project.