Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Yuletide Joy?

Hard to believe but all the holly jolly hasn't ended at our house! Tomorrow we have Christmas w/ Kirsty's side of the family. They like to get together after Christmas so they can buy our gifts on sale. (really! They told us!) And we don't really mind because December is so crazy busy with Yule and Solstice and Lissa's birthday and Christmas . . . you get the drift. Yet although I always enjoy it when they arrive, I am just not really in that holly jolly place any more. It is done as far as my mind set is concerned. I want to think about seed catalogs. I want to take bets on whether the groundhog will see his shadow and try and figure out how many camping trips we'll eek out this year.

But for tomorrow, I have to pretend I am in the merry Christmas mode! And I know that the spirit of giving and all that should happen all the time, so I sort of feel rather scroogy over the fact that I am just not into this right now.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to church tomorrow. There is going to be a very talented young percussionist leading the service. We have heard him before, once at a peace vigil, once at a church service. KC adores his music. When he heard Matt Meyers was playing in the service he announced he would not be attending church school that day because he wants to hear the drums. My guy loves all things musical. So we will be in service and also I am glad to be there as Robbie gets to light the chalice this Sunday. His coming of age class has to help with some component of the church service during the year and that was what he chose to do. Doesn't involve speaking so he is cool with it.

So I know I'll be in a good place when I get home (mentally I mean) and they arrive. And truthfully I love being around them all. I just love it more when it isn't a gifty thing as they are very high end consumers and we are very low end, tend to make our gifts type of folks. I always wonder if they pitch what we give after they get home. I need to get over that. I give apple pie filling and salsa. Who in their right mind would pitch that???

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Torina said...

Mmmm! Apple pie filling and salsa sound like the best kind of gifts! My mom gave me canned pickles and jam that she made. The best!