Thursday, January 29, 2009

Icy Excitement

This may not fall under "excitement" but we had another ice storm. That makes i think three this winter. I may have forgotten one. I can't EVER recall a winter with so much ice. Sorta makes me think my eldest's gloom and doom prognostications about what we are doing to the planet may not be so far off the mark.

This a.m. I went sliding out to my car and attempted to clean it off. In an odd twist of events I own a parking space next door to our house and that is where I park my car as the van and our camper take our driveway pretty much. You can fit my car in if you really want to but i think it generally easier this way.

Easier except in times of bad weather. Everytime I tried to get the ice off the top of the car I literally slid away from the vehicle. Faced with landing on my butt before getting said butt to work, or potentially getting a ticket for snow on the top of the car, i opted for a potential ticket. I work 3 miles from my house. I know the police officers. The goddess will protect me! :-) I eventually de-ice the Metro and head to work after throwing a bunch of rock salt over the lower 1/2 of the driveway. The boys were supposed to chip this out later and take out the trash and recycling.

My co worker has been ill for 4 days and was finally well enough to return to the office. This meant I could actually LEAVE the office for a brief time (some people call this lunch hour!! a treat I don't get all that often as things are so hectic lately) Today's treat was really called "inspect the Metro."

I have been stressing over this. My car is a 98. It is rusting badly. It is elderly. I don't know the last time I changed the oil. But OTOH I don't drive it a lot. It only has 67K miles on it. Really. The whole family can't fit in it anymore so it is just to take me or Kirsty to work, the 3 mile commute. And in the good weather I bike and it sits home.

But. . . my rocker panal is really rusting out badly. My coworkers I think had a betting pool on whether I was getting a rejection sticker. But I took that baby down and IT PASSED! The little dear even passed emissions! I think all the ice and crud all over it from the storm may have helped to disguise the sorry rusty state of the aforementioned rocker panal. But whatever, I am legal for another year!

Got home and Kirsty had had to scrape the driveway as the boys hadn't. Hmmmm. Boys had also "forgotten" trash and recycling. They were sent out by me to rectify this and by now it was cold again and the shed had iced shut and they had to chip it out to get the door open. Ha! I am all for logical consequences like that! ROFL

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