Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday snow

OK enough all ready! I woke this Sunday to that stillness that I know means it is snowing. I actually like that. Except that this is the second Sunday in a row. Last Sunday they cancelled childrens programming at church so I felt justified in staying home. This Sunday they didn't. And Rob's coming of Age class was scheduled to meet with mentors and talk about the pictures the kids chose as answers to their questions. Also KC and I were to pass out paper people at the back of the church as people entered the sanctuary as part of the Justice Sunday celebration. So I looked outside, decided it wasn't that bad out and optimistically set out with the boys. Lissa and Kirsty stayed home, wise women that they are.

We left at 8. We got to church an hour later. The trip normally takes 20 minutes. Needless to say, KC and I didn't pass out any paper people! Mostly the problem is that the roads just aren't plowed at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. If we went to the 11 a.m. service I would have no issue getting there. But our service is at 9 so there you go.

As I inched along the barely plowed highway I had a litany of complaints and comments from my eldest. He handles his stress best by giving me more, (stress that is) usually as a result of constant chatter when I am trying to concentrate. I probably asked him 15 times to be quiet and listen to the radio and let me drive. He'd be quiet a minute or two and then pipe up again with some question of burning importance. "did the van have cruise control" Idiot that I am, I answer that yes it does. This engenders 15 more questions, starting with why am I not using it and going fromt there. Meanwhile I am wishing with all my heart and soul that I either a) had never left the house and/or my bed and b) if I had been compelled to do so, that I had taken the Metro so that I could at least be driving standard. I feel safer driving stick. Not so much braking when you can downshift. My car is standard, the van isn't. The van had gas. Mine didn't have much. Great planning Lee!

Still we made it there in one piece and all was good in the end. Rob's mentor chatted me up after church. He loves mentoring Rob and can see in Robbie the good things that I see in him. It is cool when others see the good in your kids. It doesn't bother him that Robbie is quiet and a young man of few words. What Rob says is from the heart and meaningful and that is all that matters to his mentor. That is so awesome.

And KC did well this week as well too. He was very proud of his contributions in class and couldn't wait to tell Kirsty all about it when we got home. Chet actually did well once we were there and has started to remember NOT to slam the church door open when he leaves. I've been working on that for 5 years now so man am I happy my diligence is starting to bear fruit! :-) With Chet, I have to have smaller goals. I honestly and sincerely have been working on this door thing for years. He likes to race up to the door, smash into the crash bar and wham the door open. I keep picturing some elderly person flying 1/2 across the parking lot as a result of the incredible force he feels compelled to use. Or the small child that becomes airborne and lands in the lake across the street. So every week I remind him. Sometimes I have to literally step in front of him and grab the door when I can tell he hasn't listened to me and processed the plan. But for a few weeks now, he has opened the door like anyone else in the world does. I don't know why it has taken years but if the seed has finally borne fruit, I am so very grateful.

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Rambleman said...

Glad you made it to church okay. That's also cool about KC and the door... finally. YAY!