Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Of snow, ice and baseball

Snow, ice, shovel , repeat! Yup, that is the mantra for this particular New England winter anyway. I am really ready to be done with the rough weather. I am lucky that my aged little Metro behaves really well in bad weather, but I still hate ice. Driving stick only helps so much when it is ice. I worked through my lunch and left work an hour early because the roads were so icky. On the plus side it was nice to be home with the gang a bit earlier; the kids all looked so shocked when I came in.

I got an email from Little League to see if Rob wanted to sign up this year. Last year I had to move heaven and earth to get Kirsty to agree to signing him up. To say she is not into organized sports would be the understatement of the century. She finally did agree but it was up to me to do the rooting on and the various parental duties that came with the sport. This was fine with me; I was also the Swim Class parent and when he did basketball, yup that was on my watch too! LOL

Anyway I got the impression that Robbie adored Little League. But when I asked if he wanted to sign up again he said no. I asked why, as this year he was eligible to be in the majors. (last year he was fairly indignant over starting in the minors) He informed me that the players got hit by balls a lot more in the majors so if he couldn't play in the minors he guessed he wasn't interested. I think that may be part of it. I think part of it is also about the fact that he isn't Big Papi and he was pretty sure he was till he had a year of Little League under his belt. His coach was really nice, so I know nothing rotten happened; but with Rob if one doesn't become the star in 15 minutes or less, he is pretty done with the experience.

I'm glad he shared that with me before I eeked out $125 for a season of play that he didn't really want! On the other hand, he does want to return to the summer camp he attended last year for a week. This is a conference center run by our religious denomination. I think what helps make it great for him is that there are only 40 kids there, and it is a place we have been to as a family. So even there by himself, it isn't really the unknown. And it is a cool place. He even told me he didn't care if his friend wasn't going this year, so obviously it was a really good experience.

Watching him mature is such a fascinating experience. It is rather uneven--there is still a catching up of little kid things that I find him doing via his time with KC or Lissa, but a growing maturity and I find myself often musing about the kind of young man he will become.

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Rambleman said...

I understand not liking ice. Been some of that here in MO lately, but mostly in Arkansas. anyway, hope that Rob has fun at camp. Our kids haven't been on any teams, in any classes since swimming in 2001, and seem not to be interested in any either. I digress. Hope the weather starts getting better for you. It's 50 degrees and sunny where we are today. YAY!