Friday, January 2, 2009

On the kindness of iinsurance adjusters

The ice storm of December 12th damaged our beautiful birch irreparabley. The three crowns of branches at the top were all broken and while they have not yet fallen it is clear that the tree needs to be removed. It occured to me that this must be why people have homeowners insurance and that we should call our adjuster. Which we did and promptly received a call back. Did we have fallen limbs, he asked. Well yes, I said but we had all ready long since cleared that type of debris. Hmmmm. I hear murmers at the other end of the phone line. The problem, he explained to me, is that tree trimming and removal is considered normal maintenance, even though the birch in questions was healthy and only required attention due to the damage sustained in the storm.

Ah, I say. Not being particularly assertive in such matters, I continued on to the effect that well, it didn't hurt us to inquire and we just thought since we had not had a claim in 25 years that perhaps help might have been forthcoming.

Now it is the adjusters turn to say "ah.". He reminds me that i have a $500 deductable on the policy. I said that I knew this but that I had hoped I would get a couple hundred dollars as last time I took down a tree is was about $700.00 A moments silence on the line. Did we lose power during the storm, wonders the adjuster.

Oh yes, I said, for 30 hours. In a happier tone he asks if perhaps we lost any food due to the power failure. Well no, I explained as our house was so cold that our milk and soy milk stayed fine on the counter. And since we are vegetarians there were no meats to worry about. No hard feelings, I continued, I just thought we would see what was available.

You know, the adjuster went on, I really want to help you. How about if I issue a check for $200 and call it funds for downed limbs even though you all ready took care of that? This conversationi was the day before yesterday; the check arrived today.

It isn't a lot of money, but it is really cool that they paid anything at all when it is clear that they didn't have to. And it will help with the dismantling (sob) of our beloved birch tree.

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Rambleman said...

Sorry about the tree damage. I called last year about limbs on the branches of trees in our front yard and never heard back. Eventually they fell off of the line. Anyway, cool that they helped you financially! Happy New Year!