Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm so happy!

Rob is participating in a coming of age class at our UU church. It is cool because it has a lot of fun components--retreats, 2 ropes course events, a canoe trip etc. But also time to reflect and process values. AND a chance to develop a close relationship with an adult in our congregation through a mentor relationship. Robbie has a cool mentor who is a good friend of mine as well which is a real plus.

One of the projects he has to do with his mentor is gather pictures that answer a series of questions that the leaders have come up with. Some recent questions were "where do i go when I feel introspective? where do i like to spend time? where can i really be myself? " There were others but you get the gist.

Now Rob I think is always afraid of having the wrong answer. As a result if asked a question he tends to freeze up, stare at you and after what seems like forever spits out an answer. You can ask "what is your favorite kind of ice cream" and not get an answer for 2 minutes! So when I was helping him decide what pictures he would need I was overjoyed when I asked the question of where he felt safe and he instantly said home! I wanted to dance around and hoot and holler. Instead, I had to act all calm and ask which pic of the house he liked better! LOL

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Rambleman said...

Glad he answered so quickly. I wish our son would answer questions quickly too, rather than grunting most of them. Anyway... doing the HappyPaganDance for you. *grin*