Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Calm before the storm

No emotional storms, we are expecting more winter weather. Not just snow, but more ice. Weird this icy phenomenon we are experiencing. If it was March I would sort of understand it. But it is uncommon in December and January in the Northeast. And most unwelcome. I imagine my eldest--the family environmental watchdog will scream that it is global warming. He could be right. Or it could be a weird weather pattern that will not be seen again for many years. At any rate, tonite the weather was still nice. Crisp and still. The sidewalks are finally safe to walk on at night again. The dog and I used to walk regularly after supper. Just 30 to 40 minutes. He is overweight and I thought it would be good for him. I know it is good for me as I like to exercise and the one downside I have to a large young family is no time to work out. But after the storm on December 12th it was not safe to walk. So many downed limbs and lines, some active. It took weeks for the clean up to really be done. And we had a snow storm in there as well so some lines got buried and that was a bit scary for those walking.

So tonight was the first time in weeks that I have felt safe in sashaying out into the night with the dog. And it was beautiful. I like to walk fast and always come back feeling cleansed, like I have left the stress of the day behind me. It isn't the adrenaline rush I get from a work out, or from sessions at the dojo, but it is good. I don't think the pooch gets any rush from walking though. For a field dog, he is the most laid back (another word might be boring) fellow I have ever met!

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Rambleman said...

Safe walks are good! Hope they stay that way for as long as you want. Our dog is pretty laid back too, for for her it really means lazy. *grin* Nice hearing from you.