Thursday, May 26, 2011

IHOP Anniversary

My wife and I have been together since 1978.  We were able to legally marry in 2004.  We kept our "original" anniversary date by having our marriage take place on the same day, just a bunch of years later.  This weekend is our anniversary and we were trying to decide what to do to celebrate.  Neither of us want to get "stuff".  We are working on debt, working to get to Florida for vaca next year. Stuff we don't need is a waste of money and just something to have to find a place for in our house.

I do flowers for her on Valentines Day and on her birthday.  This time of year the gardens are springing to life in  our yard (and hopefully soon at our community garden plot) so buying flowers seems silly as well.  In fact usually each night the kids and i go to the park we bring back a bouquet for her of wildflowers we pick up there.

Then I remembered her saying that she wanted to go to an International House of Pancakes.  There was an ad on TV one night when we were folding paper and she mentioned it.  I have never been to one so I am sort of curious about them as well.  So Sunday in honor of our life together, our family will brunch at an IHOP!