Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!  We have really enjoyed our holiday together.  This morning the weather was rainy so we decorated our dining room .  This is just part of it,but I don't feel like fighting with Blogger to upload more.  After that, the kids and I went to get printer ink for Rob's birthday mural.  He is doing a Skulduggery Pleasant birthday theme. Doesn't everyone do a 15th birthday party with a skeleton detective as the theme?  LOL  The birthday mural is in progress and says "all clues point to a happy birthday."  A magnifying glass is painted over part of the words enlarging them.  K is going to add all of us, hiding in bushes and behind trees and Rob and KC have cut out lots of "footprint clues". Rob is of course the detective and he found himself a fedora that he feels is reminiscent of the Pleasant character and he will be "hunting" for us in the mural. 

We also went to iparty and got the paper goods.  We are adapting some stuff that was pirate themed and it is pretty easy to make it go with his theme.  Rob says Skulduggery's colors are black white and purple so that is the basic color theme.  Rob wanted a pinata so we got a skeleton one and are replacing the pirate hat on it with the top hat Rob wore to our Kentucky Derby party. LOL

Then we came home and I got a lot of house chores done, and the kids swept the deck and the driveway.  Did lunch and went hiking which was a blast.  By noon the storms had blown by and it was perfect weather.  So so much fun.

I know this is a day to be mindful of those who gave their lives in the line of duty and truly I am.  I have friends whose sons are serving and have had other friends who have served in the past.  I am proud that my grandfather was a veteren and that a commemorative flag is placed at his stone each year.  But in the midst of that gratitude is my greatful thanks for a beautiful day with the family I love.

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