Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In which I rant about weather.

If anyone who reads my blog lives some place where the weather is actually NICE feel free to ignore my whiny little post!

I moved to Seattle.  Well not really.  But here in my corner of New England there has been very little sun for the past 10 days or so.  Occasionally the sun has flashed out for about an hour, some days the gray of the clouds has been brighter than others, but mostly, it has been dark and rainy.  Oh and raw.  Chilly enough to run the pellet stove and when the pellets ran out to (gasp) turn on the heat.  The gas company must be chortling with glee and rubbing their mitts together with it MAY and my heat on.  That is unheard of!  One night the weatherman on the news said it was going to rain "for the foreseeable future" and I thought the guy who does the sports news was going to jump over the desk and pummel him.  This is just really getting old.

We are getting so used to rain that it doesn't keep us inside. The kids play outside in it, though obviously not as long as they play when it is sunny.  Last night we took a walk and it started raining part way through.  I kind of hate that as I wear glasses and they don't have windshield wipers on them. lol But the rain has become so constant that none of us feel like we can just wait for the good weather to return.

But today, there is supposed to be actual sun and warmer temps by afternoon. Of course they will lead to thunder and guess what?  RAIN!  But at least warmth is a good sign. 


Sunday Koffron said...

The sun finaly came out in these parts, and the heat has ben off for a few days. I hope the nice weather is making it's way to you!

GB's Mom said...

IT has been raining in NY for two weeks! It is raining now. Maybe Seattle has taken over...