Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday smiles

Today was fun.  Aunt L. (my sil) came out to have a tea party with the kids and I.  My kids adore doing this.  They get out the tea set, set the table, ice teeny weeny cookies and put out the tissue paper flowers for a "centerpiece."  Aunt L. even dressed up for the event which made them feel extra special.

This was also KC's last dance class for this year.  Next year he really wants to do hip hop and Miss Heidi says there will be possibly 3 boys in the class. Ever since he started dance 2 yrs ago he has been the only boy in his class. Most times I don't think that bothers him--he likes a lot of things that girls like and enjoys friendships with them.The entire dance class and assorted dance class siblings are being invited to his luau this summer.  My lucky wife has to work that day!  I will be here with an as yet untold # of children having a luau! LOL It should be fun though.

And in other randomness, apparently my sweet 4 y/o daughter told her 7 y/o brother that Santa could not possibly be real. I guess this happened Friday and reduced him to tears.  K managed to calm the waters and give him space to still believe without actively saying anything which was untruthful--which is always a hard line to walk.

And also on Friday when my wife was paying the quarterly taxes at City Hall, my kids overheard the amount of the check she was writing.  KC was horrified.  "Mom that is a VERY big check to write," he chastised.  "You KNOW we are saving for Disneyland!!"  Cracked up the tax collector.

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Mama Drama Times Two said...

KC can come shopping with me anyday to help check my spending and increase my saving. Toooo funny!