Thursday, May 5, 2011

No more time clocks for me!

Well today at work at least one thing got resolved.  I don't have to worry about lunch hours any longer!  LOL  Yup, I am nuts I know.  I have never really taken lunch with any amount of consistancy. There is rarely time to do so and keep up with the flood of paper that is my workaday life. When our new company came on board they added a flood of emails to the flood of paper. . . and said "you must take a lunch hour. it is the law." (picture this said to me in a Voice Of God.) I said gee I don't have time.  "It.Is.The.Law."  So I tried.

I kept missing my lunch.  I would set the alarm on the cell phone they gave me but someone would come in just as I was punching out.  I became semi adept at punchiing out and going back to my desk to eat my Soup in Hand. (I love that stuff!)  But after a few weeks I accidently answered someone at corporate who emailed me while I was ostensibly on lunch and the jig was up.  Again.

So we all sat down and had a come to (insert name of favorite deity) here.  I explained that i am not being a pain in the neck on purpose and that none of this is about trying to get more money.  I just want to get my work done.  Then I asked why they didn't just make me salaried as then this law doesn't apply.  They emailed me today during my lunch.  I am now a salaried employee.  LOL  And if I ever come up for air I get an extra weeks vacation a year now too!


Mama Drama Times Two said...

phew! I read the intro too quickly and at first I thought you meant you lost your job...
Congratulations are in order!

Sunday Koffron said...

Congratulations, that is great.