Monday, May 2, 2011

Work thoughts

I am realizing that sometimes what you wish for can be a mixed blessing.  I have wished to prove myself to my new employers.  I have wished for there to be opportunities to advance, so that I may better provide for my family.  Despite the experiences I am able to offer my kids, we live basically pretty strapped. I fold paper and count plastic implements at night for local factories to supplement our income.  My wife also does this.  I am grateful for this side job as it has allowed her to be home with the kids and am not knocking it at all.  Just that trust me, if you are doing piece work, you are not living large!  LOL

At any rate, what this rambling is about is that I seem to be doing the right things for my new employers.  There are signficant opportuntities being offered to me.  Educational opportunities--I was sent to school last week and though the commute was exhausting, it was very helpful and I think I scored well on the test the last day.  It was an expensive course and a mark of trust that they invested that money in me, since they have only known me since the end of January.  They have asked me to be on a special task force that pertains to the company as a whole and to assist with the hiring of a new staff person where I work.  Which is all really cool.  It is hard not to be jazzed about this, frankly as I have sort of sat in my "old job"spinning my wheels for a long long while.  I had some other offers  to work for other companies over the years, but I wasn't willing to give up my absolutely amazingly short commute and the way that enables me to be home quickly for maximum time with my family, so I passed on them all.

But it is also increasingly clear that though my new employers seem to like me very much, this is not how they feel about my immediate boss.  He and I have worked together for many years.  He is very "old school" in a time when it is all digital, all high tech and all very high speed. When I hoped for new opportunities and a chance to build a more solid financial future, I never thought about the possibility that this could be the result of negative things happening to him. Sigh.  I know that he is well into retirement years age wise.  I know his health is not the best. But this is still awkward and icky feeling. 

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Sunday Koffron said...

sigh, i hate when life works out that way. just remember, that it was not your doing. (((hugs)))