Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Dilly of a Derby!

Kentucky Derby Day is a big deal in our house.  I am not southern, but I always wanted to be a jockey.  Unfortunately I got really tall and jockeys are on the puny short side.  But a committed horse lover, I have always watched the Derby and usually all the Triple Crown races.  In our house, we can't just sit down like ordinary folks and watch the race?  Heck no!  We have a picnic in the living room. This is a big deal in itself as I am pretty much a "don't eat anywhere but the dining room or the kitchen island" kind of mom.  What can I say?  My kids are less than pristine eaters!  Aside from the meal, which is usually pizza on pretty plates, I plan a couple nice desserts. This year it was a lime jello mousse requested by KC.  I thought it reminiscent of mint juleps so I went with it, and made a double chocolate dream pie for the rest of the tribe. 

But one must always come to an event in the proper attire. And as we know, hats are BIG at the Derby. So we have for years had this silly hat thing that we do. We go to the local craft store and get cheap silly hats and gussy them up and wear them while we cheer on our respective mounts.  This year, KC actually picked the winner. (solely because the jockey wore green silks BTW giving further credence to my personal belief that there is no science to picking the winner)  The two horses I was rooting for--one ridden by a very competant female jockey and one trained by a very good female trainer didn't do much. But it sure was fun to watch and to listen to the littles holler "go PINK"  or "go GREEN" depending on if it was Lissa or KC doing the yelling. I was surprised how much even the big boys get into this rather unique family tradition.

Between that, and getting things ready for K for Mothers Day it was a busy day here.  KC also got a belated birthday gift from a dance class friend and an invite to her birthday party.  He is super excited.  He all ready made her thank you note and it cracked me up.  He decorated the outside with Little Mermaid stickers. Next to the mermaid it says "Well Thank you" kind of like the mermaid is speaking.  Then you open the card and it says, Dear G, Thank you for my gift.  Love KC P.S. You are cool, G.  Oh man this guy is going to keep me on my toes!

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