Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fiona is here!

Fiona arrived yesterday.  I was excited to have her here and also excited that for this visit, my wife was spending most of the day with us.  Usually, because of her schedule, she only sees her for a short time at night.  I am hoping that the fact that she could see how easily Fi and the kids interact will help K to heal a bit and not be stuck in a mode of anxiety.

We had planned to visit an outdoor museum where the kids could see and experience how folks lived long ago. Unfortunately the weather chose not to cooperate with lots and LOTS of rain.  So we found a plan B which was going to a butterfly place that was not too far off.  First I had to make a bunch of calls and emails to the staff supervisor though as they had not send Fiona's meds with her.  The person who usually gets her meds together is on vacatiaon and somehow this slipped through the cracks.  They were very good about the mess up and agreed to meet us at the butterfly place so that the kids would be able to have the experience and they did.

Fiona took the picture above, and several others with my camera. She was very patient and quiet, managing to get far closer to the butterflies than I did.  I love this shot.  Each of the kids had a turn with the camera and she got some really cute shots.

Lissa did not adore the place.  Millions of butterflies flitting around and occasionally landing on her made her uneasy so she probably enjoyed it the least of all of us.  But she still got something out of it and enjoyed watching the koi fish and the little quail that were also there.

Before we went through the butterfly habitat we had a picnic outside as it had stopped raining briefly.  That was fun too.  To me there is something about sharing food together that is intregal to healthy relationships.

When we got home it was time for my wife to go to her job and the kids all played with our neighbor boy.  Fi helped me make supper--she had requested spaghetti--and then in the evening they watched a movie.  It was a great day. She has to leave by 11 today as then I have to drive to Maine to bring Rob to his week of camp.  At the moment it is semi sunny outside, so I am hoping for good weather for his arrival and for our trip to get him there.

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