Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Party Plans

Next Saturday is KC and Lissa's summer party.  Pray for good weather as this really needs an outside venue! LOL  Last night the kids helped figure out the games and what would go where in the back yard.  We drew a sketch of their plans on the dry erase board.  The games will be made over the next couple of days--they are fairly simple.  The only game we are actually purchasing is Twister.

KC decided that since this is a rock star theme that there should be a "DJ" booth. So he created a sign last night and has plans to cover a small table with craft paper and make it look like speakers or something. Then he will bring down his favorite CDs and spin tunes while the party is in progress.  The two of them have decided on the food and we will buy the non perishables today and the rest of the paper goods.

I love that the party is highly kid driven and has been right from the beginning.  They do the guest list, the theme, pick out the crafts and games, help make the games and decide on the menu.  It is not just fun but also a skill, sandwiched in there as well.

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