Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go

The above picture is Chet and  Rob on the Safari ride at Animal Kingdom.  It is our last day here--the last day of a magical vacation.  I am glad we only did Disney for 2 days, but I am sad to be leaving Florida.  I have always joked that I lived in a warm climate area in a past life and now I actually believe it.  Everything here feels like coming home in that familiar sense.  Like when you have been away from some place of your soul for a long time and return? It is like that for me here.  The architecture feels familiar, my spirit knows the slow easy sway of spanish moss.  I waken and look to the glorious sunrise and watch the sunset each evening.  The huge orbs ascent and descent offer unimpeded views in the flatter landscape that this state offers.

My wife does not feel the same way.  She enjoys vacation time but she is a New Englander through and through. What can I expect of a woman who wants to retire to Miane?  Which is a lovely state where it is cold foggy or snowy 6 months of the year or more! LOL

In a moment of curiousity I googled home prices in the area we are staying at.  The house we are renting feels so luxurious that I thought it would have a gigantic price tag.  Recessions are good for something I guess as comparable homes in this neighborhood seem to sell in the 160s to 190s, and usually fully furnished.  My jaw about hit the floor.

Not that I am buying a home or relocating my family but it is fun to dream a bit.

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