Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rehearsal Day

Today is the dress rehearsal for this weekends dance recital.  I'll try and post pictures of KC and Lissa in costume.  KC is a zebra in one number and a star in another. Lissa is a squirrel.  KC adores dancing.  He dances everywhere he goes, singing or making up poetry as he moves.  He brought his recital music to Florida and practiced there, and practiced again in our kitchen last night.

However, he is also a child who has massive stage fright--at least till he gets out on stage.  Then he is fine, but the time leading up to it sees an increase in his fear and his anxiety.  I am hoping it is better for him this year.  And kicking myself because this would have been the ideal thing to try tapping over, but as I need to head out to work imminently it is not likely I'll be able to do that.  Sigh.  I've been reading so much about how helpful this is, but thinking that I could not think of at this point a clear focus for a tapping session.

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Todd said...

I'm sure he'll be fine.