Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fiona's arts night

The kids and I talked with Fiona last night.  Amazing Jane was away but staff still made sure we could have our phone call.  Yay!  They seem to be getting better about this recently and I am pretty excited about it.  :-)  Fiona was in good spirits.  Next Tuesday we will all be together at an event for her school. The kids are all working on songs to sing and will be backed up by a real band.  There is also other entertainment and some other stuff happening.

I reminded her that we were excited about coming to be with her and told her I would be bringing my camera.  She let out this long "moo-ooom" and kind of giggled.  I said she had to put up with it, it is just what moms do and she outright laughed.

Then KC got on the phone and asked her about what she was going to wear.  She must have told him and then I heard him say "how are you going to do your hair?"  (pause)  "Oh a bun?"  And what are you going to put in it?"  (another pause)  "Well you know you need a flower, or a decoration or a hair net or something in your hair to be truly fashionable!"  OMG my kids crack me up!

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Todd said...

KC is cute. lol