Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Touchdown. . . you re-entered real life!

We had a very good flight back home despite having our planes takeoff delayed. This was difficult for Chet who thinks schedules are   Yesterday was my first day back at work and a couple hours in, I kind of felt like I was almost but not quite back in the groove.  Work is a super high speed environment and it was hard to leave the relaxed feeling of Florida behind.

Last night was also the night that Fiona calls us and she did make the call.  I reminded the kids at supper that we were not going to mention anything about our trip because it is hurtful to remind people we love of something they could not do with us. Then I crossed my fingers.  It is a big concept for a young 8 and a flighty 5 year old.  But they rocked it out!!!  KC talked to her about budgeting. Fi has begun trying to learn to budget for her "luxury" items (she wants a video game system first).  KC is trying to save for his own CD and radio player so this was the gist of their entire conversation.  Lissa just got the sillies and was goofy on the phone, I suspect that she was so concerned about messing up that she said little as a result. That is okay with me.  Even saying little, she was cute and nothing hurting happened.  Rob talked to her about his girl and asked Fiona what she was going to wear to the prom which is coming up in June.

So tis all good.  The kids informed me last evening that they had talked to K and would like to return to Florida in 2 years. So I guess we will be saving again.  LOL  I was going to make a pitch for San Diego but whatever.  The second trip they want to do Sea World and Busch Gardens and not do Disney.

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Todd said...

Welcome home to real life. :-)