Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Plans

I am not good at sitting around.  This bugs my wife who is able to just "be".  For me, "being" is synonymous with "doing."  I suspect I am both hardwired that way and also nurtured that way, as I was raised in a "doing" sort of family.

K dreams of summers where we laze around.  They don't happen, which is why she has regularly scheduled runaway days.  She leaves us every 4 to 6 weeks and has a day to herself to quietly and silently do whatever it is that recharges her spirit at that moment.

The kids and I recharge with jumping into experiences.  And with that in mind, I am surprised at how much the summer is filling up all ready.  We have thus far--a July camping trip for the kids and I, Rob has a July campout with his godfather, the kids and I want to hit a folk festival in a not far off town the last Saturday in July, there is a birthday party at a childrens play area to attend.  In August we have another birthday, another camping trip and KC and Lissa's annual summer party.

The summer party is starting to take shape.  A friend of a friend is doing a free magic show where she will do magic tricks but then TEACH 3 tricks to the kids so that they can do their own magic shows.  There will also be some games that KC has planned during the year and a bounce house.  KC and Lissa made a list of the friends they want to invite.  There are 21 names on the list.  None of them are related to us.  Clearly the folks that think home-schooled children are bereft of socialization have not met my tribe. LOL

Adding in beach trips, and gardening at our community garden plot, picnics and after supper hikes,visits with Fiona, and meals on the deck,  summer is looking pretty good!

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Todd said...

I'm with K. I like to be able to sit and do nothing but relax at times. Didn't used to, but it's been that way for the last 10 or so years. :-)