Monday, May 21, 2012

Recital Re-cap

This is the best picture I have of Lissa at the dance recital.  Anytime she saw a camera she had such a serious expression you would think she hated the whole deal. Since she told me last night on the way home that she wants to take classes again, I doubt that is the case!  LOL  But for whatever reason, she could not crack a smile.  This was my little squirrel back stage, making a craft.  We parents who keep the kids busy till they go on, work in the cafeteria plying them with snacks and crafts!  

And here is KC in one of his 2 costumes.  This was the zebra outfit which was his tap number.  His calm demeanor extended to both performances and although I was present in the cafeteria both days and walked him and his class to the stage, I did not once have to stand in the wings.  This meant that then I could run (literally) to the audatorium and sneak in the front and actually see how he looks from the front on stage! First time ever!

He is a trooper too as yesterday, on day 2 of recital, the tap on one of his shoes came 3/4 off.  He came over to me and I had to yank the whole tap off.  It didn't bother him though and he went right out and performed as if nothing unusual had occured.

His jazz performance was my favorite, probably because it was HIS favorite and you could see how much he loved it.  Boy was I tired though by weekends end.  Yesterday, 2 of my friends who had worked backstage the day before had tickets to watch the show and needed someone to help their children change.  So I had 3 extra kids to help change into multiple costumes.  By 9 p.m. last night I was ready for bed, though I did not get there till 10 as we have a large and difficult paper job to complete as well.

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Todd said...

Sounds like a good day all around :)