Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm A Winner! :-)

I won a trip to San Diego. Well, sort of.  It is a business trip.  And although I had to write an essay to "win" all six people who entered were allowed to go.  I think my company thought many more people would want to go, but only 6 of us tried to win. So my witty essay on why sending me to San Diego's housing conference would have positive benefits on my work was somewhat moot.  However, I am still excited.  I have never been on the West Coast.  Ever.  Kind of pitiful isn't it?  I probably could win an award as the least travelled American.  

It is not a long trip. I will fly out on a Wednesday in June and red eye back on Friday which will get me back home here early Saturday.  I should still have time to do a bit of sight seeing though, so I am noodling around on the internet looking for interesting places I can walk or trolley to from our location.  I hope to visit Balboa Park which looks amazing and the Maritime Museum.  I'll be close to the Gaslight District, so I want to take a gander there as well.  

The kids are not particularly thrilled about this. I have never been away overnight since--oh gosh well not since Rob came home to us.  He was 5 then and he will be 17 by the time I have this trip.  Yup, I live on the wild side!  They are all ready making plans on when they will text me which cracks me up.  I have all ready contacted my mom and she will come in on Friday night and spend Saturday here with the kids as K works on Saturdays at a job that is an hour away.  If all goes well I will be home by 10:30 or 11:00  Saturday morning but it is air travel and who knows!  At any rate, California here I come. . . in June that is!

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