Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rob may be my "quiet" guy but he is increasingly dependable guy who is fun to be around.  He is also smart with electronics, something that I will never be.  I have faced the fact that when the last child leaves home I might as well sell my TV because without them I can't turn it on.  I am jesting but only in part.

This past week the sound went on my aged home computer.  I wouldn't know that. I use a computer to blog, do email and check in on Facebook.  Kids use the sound and when the littles tried to play a game on Sunday  they could not figure out what to do because they could not hear the instructions.  I turned the speaker knob up and down.  Nothing.  Rob was not home.  I texted him.  He said to check and see if his headphones were still plugged in.  They were not.  There ended my skill set for this so I found a game to play with the kids and diverted their attention from my inadequacies.  LOL

My wife came home and said it pointed to the fact that I need a new computer.  I do, but we need a host of other things more.  I put a high premium on giving my kids experiences that widen their horizons.  Dance classes, music lessons, opportunities to see and do things so their world is wide with opportunity.  It is all more important to me than a fast computer.  Besides, it gives me time to get tea when it is downloading.  Again, I jest only in part!

Rob came home and tried to fix the sound.  He could not.  But here is what impressed me.  He stuck with it. Literally spent 2 days, checking things out, looking for ideas on the internet, checking in with people he knew who might have an idea.  I don't know what he did but after supper on day 2, the computer again had sound.

More than the fact that he fixed it, I am happy that he worked at it.  Diligently, independently and without complaint.  He could have started whining for a new computer.  But I never heard word one about that.  He just kept at it till it was done.

Speaking of done, he has again applied with the Student Conservation Society of America to work at a national park during the summer.  It is unpaid, but again, it is the type of experience that is worth more than money.  Last year they had 50 per cent more applicants than ever before and he was not chosen. This year they sent him an email asking him to consider reapplying. I am hopeful that means that he has a better chance at  it this year.  Cross your fingers, and maybe even your toes!

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