Sunday, January 13, 2013

We have an address!

True to their word, OmniSearch had an address in my in box on Friday night.  I didn't see it till Saturday morning though.  If it is KC's mom, she still lives in Chicago, not far from the street address that I had for her.  That makes sense. Though we are a mobile society, a large segment of the population don't stray from their general locale.  My SSN for her was not good apparently so I am not 100 per cent sure this is the right person, but reasonably sure.  Which means it is time to write a letter.

I had not thought ahead to the letter writing part. I am sort of a one step at a time kind of gal. Actually, I am getting ahead of myself.  First I explained to KC what I was doing and that we did not know for absolute sure that this was the right person.  We also don't know what she will want if it is his mom.  Whether she will feel okay about being in contact or not.  He was really amazingly mature about that, but he is so thrilled that we at least had an address to mail a letter to and that it definately seems that his first mother is still alive.

So I wrote the letter yesterday afternoon.  I introduced myself and explained why I was writing.  I told a little about KC and what his wishes were with contact.  I said she could call me or text me, or write if she wanted to.  I said I would be more than happy to send her pictures of KC if she would like them, and that we could go as slowly with this as she wishes.  So we will see if we hear back.  Fingers crossed.

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