Saturday, January 12, 2013

Reindeer's 17th birthday!

I was informed this morning that reindeer is turning 17 today and that we had to have a birthday party!  Because we are the gang that celebrates everything, that of course makes perfect sense.  So after our usual Saturday morning of shopping, dance and a visit to the library, we set about getting ready.  These clearly did not get posted in order, because here is lucky reindeer with her momma opening her present.  Lissa made her a necklace.  Reindeer also wanted Lissa to have her nails done for the party so Miss Lissa is sporting sparkly blue nails with pink polka dots.
 When reindeer got to Daddy KC's gift she was all in--literally!  However she eventually emerged with another new necklace.
 Those without hooves and paws enjoyed cupcakes made by me and decorated by KC and Lissa.
KC ready to partake of iced tea and party food.  I tried to post a pic of the other honored guests, an assortment of stuffed animals of course, but for some reason they failed to load.  Good mid winter fun!

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