Friday, January 11, 2013

A Step Closer for KC

A few days ago I contacted OmniSearch whose on line advertising says that they are both licensed private investigators and that they specialize in adoption/adoptee searches.  The senior person in the firm called me yesterday afternoon at work.  We talked and I shared with her all the information I had accumulated about KC's first mother and the story of why we were searching for her.  She said I had so much data that this would likely be the easiest search that she has ever done.  She could have information for us as soon as next week!  So this post is merely a reminder to save every scrap of information if you are an adoptive parent.  Notes you jot down when you are talking on the phone, papers you are given upon discharge from the hospital, I saved literally everything in a huge binder.  By going through those I was able to glean her name, her address as of 8 years ago, her social, her DOB, her daughter's name and age, the name and address of an emergency contact when she was admitted to the hospital for delivery and her place of birth. Pragmatically also, the more info you have, the less such a search will cost. I was told a search usually was at least $1300.00.  Mine will be no where close to that.

The search is extremely iimportant to KC.  The fact that he can see me working on it,  and the fact that I can tell him the information I have is slightly helpful, but mostly the fact that he can see me trying.  Kids are visual. He watched me put the facts into as much order as I could.  He watched as I combed through Facebook trying to find her.  He is affirmed over and over that I am with him on this journey and to the best of my ability I will help him.

I hope that this agency is able to find her and that she is open to hearing from a little boy who wants so much to hear her voice.

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