Saturday, January 5, 2013

Leisurely Saturday

It's been a mellow day for the J-E Team!  We lounged till 7:30 or so before heading out to the grocery store.  There was no pressing need to hurry as dance classes don't resume till next week. However, the flu is highly prevalent in our area and I figure that the grocery store when nearly empty is less likely to be full of germs.  I can't stop all our exposures, but it makes sense to limit where I can.  In the same vein, I did not sign KC up for lego club which was this Saturday as the idea of 30 or 40 kids wiping their noses with their hands and sharing legos seemed a bit less than wise right now. When KC gets the flu he is sick for literally weeks, so I am sounding a bit like a germophobe but with good reason.

We were home by 9 a.m. and as I came around the van to open the back I managed to slip on a piece of ice and fall.  However it was more funny than serious. I was not hurt in the least AND I managed to avoid spilling a drop of my coffee.  (the latter being the most important part of the saga to me!)  We unloaded and then went to our neighboring city's library instead of ours.

Years ago, when Chet was young we always went to the library in the neighboring city.  This library has a different vibe than ours.  Our city does not like differently abled people to "bother" the "regular" population.  They have a spectacular library and they want people to use it with the reverance it deserves.  Neighboring city welcomes in the street people and homeless so they can sit and read in the winter.  See the difference?  It was always the library where Chet was fully welcomed.  He grew up becoming best of friends with the director of the childrens room there.  From probably age 8 or so till about 5 years ago, he went there every Saturday with me.  Rob too, grew up going there.  The library at one time also offered spectacular free music programs and we took advantage of them as it was a great way to expose the kids to world music. KC and Lissa came along and they too as wee ones went with us to that library.  Through it all, Miss J was a special friend to all.

Budget cuts came to the neighboring city and the library suffered. It had to reduce its hours so dramatically that it lost its certification.  It was closed on Saturdays and no longer fit our schedule.  I had to start going to the library in my own city.  A gorgeous facility but not one where Chet is comfortable or they with him. There are individual staffers who like him, but he feels the tension there, and it results in his behavior worsening.  I pick out his books for him from a list he gives me each week now.  The budget is better this year for the neighboring city and the library is again open on Saturdays.  Unfortunately, we are busy with dance lessons till nearly lunch and I confess to being too lazy to trek over to that library when I can get our books down the street.  But I miss the friendly vibe and the kids ask often about Miss J.

Today we all made the drive over.  It was  a bit like visiting dignataries coming.  Even the person working the main desk remembered us and welcomed us.  Miss J, who has not changed a bit in all these years was still at her post in the childrens room. In that amazing way of librarians she remembered each kid and had a personal conversation with each one.  It was delightful.  I wish our city could worship its facility a bit less and make sure that the differently abled among us are fully welcomed.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning dresser drawers for the littles who have had the temerity to outgrow a plethora of clothes.  I made a batch of cookies and sent a plate over to the neighbors after I filled our cookie jar.  I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and roasted veggies for me to take to work next week.  Chatted with my SIL on the phone as we are trying to plan when they can come out to do Christmas.  My BIL is a drummer in a band and it was supposed to happen 1/20 but his group is playing the night before so we are looking at February now!

The kids played outside for hours as it has warmed up a few degrees.  Mellow, very mellow.

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