Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A bit of This and That

Math was messy fun tonight as KC and I worked on equivalent fractions with measuring cups, tablespoons and water.  We also drew charts of  them the traditional way but I try to offer a variety of ways to absorb a concept as I am still not 100 per cent sure exactly which learning style he favors the most. I do know that I love watching kids learn and find that "aha" moment.

It is freezing outside. Very seriously cold.  I hate cold. I think the hardest thing I will do the rest of this week is leave my warm bed for my cold rest of the house and commute to work.  As an added aside, this is the one time when driving stick is so not fun!  I typically need 2 hands to move the gear stick  when it gets this cold!

Fiona called and she is coming for a visit on Saturday. We are going to a place where you can do pottery painting. I think it will be fun and one of those expressive activities that allows for us to work companionably on something for a longish period of time.  I am also trying to score tickets to Disney on Ice for a weekday show  in February because she really wants to see this.

Thinking towards summer, a friend of ours (not our usual camping pals) Facebooked me and said that she and her husband and 4 kiddos were going to camp in the White Mountains this summer and invited us  to join them.  I am now approved for 2 days off in July so we will have a 4 day camping jaunt with them.  Their vacation is a full week. I can't really take a week at a time at that time of year as my tasks are very busy then.  This is one of those camping areas that caters to families visiting the theme parks in the area. We can in fact, walk to Six Gun City which is one of our destinations. (and probably one of the only venues in the area that I have not visited.)  I am looking forward to when the littles are old enough for more serious hiking in that area.  I love that, but I want them to be ready physically and emotionally.  I can't make them love it just because I do .And above all, I love spending time with them as a family creating memories and having silly fun.  That thought will help keep me warm during the deep freeze we are experiencing with our weather.

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