Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gathering In.

The best thing I ever bought was this table.  It is big enough for all of us with one extra leaf put in and big enough to gather in extended family and friends with two extra leaves.  At that point the room becomes very small because while the table is big the room, not so much. But it is still worth it because we are all together, sharing food, sharing stories, and building a sense of place together. I am big on sitting down at the table together.  Eating in front of the TV is so rare at our home that it is called "dinner and a movie" and is a carefully planned and very exciting event.  LOL And if we do that, we all are still sitting down together, picnic style to enjoy the flick.

I can see that sense of place increasing in Fiona.  She was out to visit  yesterday and it was a great day.  She helped me put the dinner on the table. The littles had set the place settings, Rob had gotten the beverages poured, but Fiona helped bring the plated food to the table. She knows now where she sits, where each of her brothers and her sister sit, and where I plunk down.  This is so important.  It is a quiet way of saying. You belong.  You are here.  When you come back, this place is waiting for you.  I think it says belonging almost more clearly to her than anything I could say with words.  I am just glad she hears it.

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