Friday, August 16, 2013

Dancing Dude

This picture gives a glimpse into how important dance is in KC's life! After buying shoes for hip hop, ballet, tap and jazz I didn't really want to buy a t shirt.  But . . . how could I resist when he saw it?  KC is a true dance spirit. He has danced in some form or another as soon as he could walk. Not that he was all that speedy in learning how to walk. LOL But anyway, I remember him skipping through the house waving scarves and pieces of shiny fabric in time with music when he was very young.

He has never had an interest in playing sports.  He likes family games of soccer and dodge ball and whiffle ball. But where Rob was sports all the way, KC is not.  He also is not shy about the fact that he dances, and he totally has figured out that a bevy of little girls come with the experience.

So for all those reasons, he has the shirt, and I have a crazy dance mom schedule of 2 evenings and 1 Saturday a.m. at the studio.  Such is life.

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