Monday, August 12, 2013

Just Beachy!

There will likely only be 2 more opportunites to be on a beach between now and the middle of September. So I was thrilled that yesterday my wife was again willing to come with us to the ocean.  Good weather and family times are rarely squandered here.  I save up the memories of sun fun and laughter against the colder darker days filled with runny noses and snow!

K got some great shots of the kids too!  I should have put on a close up of Lissa but I love the movement in this shot.  She loved running down to jump the waves, screeching at them and then racing back.  She probably ran miles yesterday!

Chet did so much better than the previous trip. That in itself was a gift.  There was far less drooling--a visible sign tht he was more calm and regulated.  KC always works hard to find things that he can do with Chet at the beach. It is one of hte few places where there is commonality between the two.  KC loves Chet deeply but Chet's inability to emote or to understand those who are highly emotional makes things very hard for him relationship wise.  But the beach is somehow that place where all that           goes by the board.  They look for shells together, they dig holes and make sand castles together. For a mom, it is so beautiful to watch.

KC spent a lot of time jumping waves too.  It is always hard to get him out of the water as he is such a water beetle.  But the rule is when I see you shiver or your blue lips chatter when you answer me, in you come to warm up. LOL

On the way home we stopped at a Dairy Queen for ice cream.  Chose them because they have a non dairy slushy type drink that KC could have.  The ice cream the week before at the other place made him feel chokey, activating his dairy allergy a bit.  Here at home he usually stays with popsicles and sorbets but those are harder to find at ice cream stands.

Then I caught up on all the laundry of the past few days.  Our dryer is presently not working and I have not got funds free to call a repair man.  So we are hanging out exclusively. Whcih I am fine with but Friday it poured buckets.  Saturday was the party, so we were 2 days back in laundry in a house where we do 3 loads a day. Egads!  Got it all done and it is on the line and festooned in other areas to dry as well.

Checked Face book and discovered that the dance store where I get KC and Lissa's shoes was having a 27 % off sale.  Since KC needs 4 kinds of shoes and LIssa 2, this was not to be missed. So off we went to the store and got all that we needed. I saved nearly $70.00 which made this mom smle!

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