Monday, August 26, 2013

Spontaneous is hard!

So the new plan as Fiona gets closer to leaving the Great School and moving nearer to us is for her to call us more frequently. Which is great in theory. I would certainly love to have several phone calls a week. The thing is, Jane wants to have them be more spontaneous. Which means nine times out of ten Fiona calls and we are not home.  It can't be cool leaving a message all the time and I have been trying for 30 minutes now to call back on the supervisor cell so that she will know that I got her message.  Argh!

Maybe I am overthinking things and she is really fine with it, who knows.  But our evenings are so busy. We are rarely just home and that is now, when we are still in summer mode. When the school year starts there are evening commitments aplenty.  Maybe that is Jane's hidden agenda; showing Fi that we are busy and not always at her beck and call?

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