Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family BBQ tomorrow!

Every other year we get to host the family BBQ.  I love to do this.  We rent a big canopy for the back yard so that there is shade if it is hot, cover if it is rainy.  While our house has many rooms, in the style of Victoriana they are smallish, oddly shaped rooms that do not lend themselves at all well to large gatherings.  So the BBQ is one of my favorite times.  I decorate the canopy a bit with big jugs of wildflowers in front of the stakes.  This is also so no one will kill themselves on the tent stakes that look like what would be used to make a railroad. They are ginormous.  But big jugs of goldenrod and asters in front of them will stop anyone from tripping on them.

We went to the party store and got some bright colored table cloths and disposable champagne glasses so we could toast my newly wed BIL.  Then it was on to the cooking.  I made a favorite dip to go with the chips.  I made a new cous cous dish which is so yummy I can't wait to dive into it tomorrow.  I boiled up the taters and eggs so my wife can make potato salad tonight or tomorrow morning.  Then KC and I made a lemon merangue pie. It is my FIL's favorite and perfect for a summer BBQ.  It will only serve about 8 people but we also have a sheet cake, ice cream and watermelon so I think it will be fine.

I am extremely excited too because Fiona will be here, as will Rob's girl friend and her mom.  Also the little guy who lives next door and hangs out here all the time.  I define family rather loosely.  I think family is really about the connections that support us and sustain us. Tomorrow will be filled with that.

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