Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Knitting Families

Fiona called last night and it was a really great call.  She was amazingly composed and thoughtful, in the deep thinking sense of the word.  She said that she was going to try one of the work initiatives again this fall because she knew she needed to have a better variety of skills on her transcript because it would help her case in finding a suitable program close to us.

I asked where she wanted to work and she said she would probably start by going back to the day care that she helped at for a short time last year.  I said that she is really good with children and this might be a good fit. She said she loves kids but that when there are lots of them and it feels like they are not listening she gets overwhelmed.  She also said that she feels she should be careful about being there and does not want to go when she is not in a good emotional place. She thinks of the kids there like KC and Lissa and she said just as she would never want to upset or harm them, she does not want to do anything that would cause a problem at the day care.

Then she told me that she is going to cousin N's for a baby shower on Saturday.  N is great--she is in fact the person who has agreed to help me loc Lissa's hair.  She said N considers us all family and would I want to send a card to the other family member who the shower is for.I said I would love to--I am actually friends with both of them on Facebook.  I asked Fiona if I mailed her the gift and card if she would be in charge of bringing the greetings from us to the party.  She was excited to do so and very much wants all her family, bio and adopted, to be a cohesive group.  I said that I have always felt that her bio fam where our family too now and that I think of it like knitting.  all those individual pieces of yarn get woven into something stronger and more beautiful than when it started.

So today on lunch hour I am going to priority mail a set of little bibs and bodysuits and our card to Fi. The congrats are for the young mom but I think the bigger congratulations go to my daughter who is working so hard at her life.

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