Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spidey KIds

Monday was our first National Night Out event where I work.  There were vendors and food, local officials, lots of emergency vehicles to check out and lots of fun!  I had to be there and chose to bring the kids who predictably had a grand time.  I try to really network with the resident population when we have a social event.  It helps when people can see the management staff as people not so different from themselves.  Being in attendance with my family I think reinforces that.  And my kids have a good ability to pretty much get along with everyone.  It is rare for them to truly not like folks.

The night ended with a lightstick and noisemaker parade to "take back the night" and Spider Boy and Girl were right up there in the parade, waving noisemakesrs and Spider Boy was waving at the on lookers as though he was the mayor or something.  Since the mayor really was there, it just cracked me up.  He is such a ham and so into performing.

It was a late night for them though and the next two days were sort of recovery days filled with insipient crankiness.  Today we are more in our usual groove, but I feel a huge time crunch as their annual Summer Party is this Saturday and I am so not yet ready.  KC has helped to make some games but we still have a bit of work yet ahead of us.  Somehow, it will get done.  I hope.

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