Monday, August 5, 2013

Just beachy!

Yesterday we went to the beach.  All of us--even my sand hating wife!  I was excited beyond belief as usually that is just the kids and I but she offered to come with us and even chose which beach to go to.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny and warm but not burn your feet on the sand hot.  The water was 67 degrees or so which is cold but tolerable. The waves were not so severe that the littles were knocked over.  See? I said perfect!

KC spent a great deal of time perfecting skim board and boogie boarding skills.  Still not quite there on the skim board, which is a lot about timing, but he has the boogie boarding nailed.  He is such a water bug. You would swear he was born in a water sign, instead of April.  He will stay in the water forever if you let him.  When he was little I used to have to buy insulated swim gear for him because he pitched such a fit over getting out and warming up. Thankfully, at 9 he is more able to understand that he can return to the water when his lips are no longer blue and he is not shaking uncontrollably. LOL

Lissa said her favorite part was running to the water and screaming.  That is pretty much my Lissa.  A chance to scream is so up her alley.  Ear piercing screams. But she had fun.

Rob endured the day.  He likes to watch the water but not to really be in it. However he is also a helpful big brother and would hold Lissa's hand while she ran to the water to scream etc.  Chet ran in and out of the water and looked for shells.  He had a really good time but was quickly overstimulated by the sound and sensation of the water.  When he gets over stimulated the first thing that happens is that he starts to forget to swallow and we have to keep reminding him not to drool all over the place.  Usually the ocean is a place where he is more regulated instead of less, so this was disturbing, but at least he had a good time.

My wife went in the water some, but had to be careful of her newly healed ankle and spent the rest of the time in a beach chair relaxing and watching us all. When the kids had their sand castle contest, she and I could sit and chat.

There were plenty of snacks and lunches packed but the beach trip is not the same without a trip for icecream on the way home.  Sadly, ice cream (smalls) for the 6 of us cost about as much as 5 or 6 gallons of ice cream.  Yikes!  But it was fun to sit on a picnic table out side the stand and eat our cones and joke around.

This will be a busy week with both some extra work responsibilities and the kids upcoming summer party which needs some final preparations.  The beach day was the perfect way to rejuvenate before this weeks mad race of responsibilities!

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