Friday, August 9, 2013

Party Prep!

I was really worried today as the day dawned very wet and rainy.  The annual summer party for the kids is tomorrow. I will not have 17 kids in my house ever.   I really need an outdoor venue for this event!  All day it rained.  And not just a gentle rain.  Raining buckets rain.  I would look out my window at work and wonder how I was going to get the canopy up and the tables out there so that tomorrow we can decorate after shopping.

And then, at 5 p.m, magic!  The rain stopped. The sky began to brighten and blue patches appeared.  We got the yard tidy and the party areas set up.  Truly the goddess was smiling on us.  Course maybe she thinks anyone crazy enough to have a passle of kids in their back yard every year for a party deserves a little help.  LOL

Back inside we made the party favors.  The chosen theme was "rock star" so we have everything tied into   rock star bandannas. They look cute.  By tomorrow  night I will likely be exhausted, but I do like doing this.  It really gives the kids a chance to work on skills, plus see their friends and I get to chat with some of the grownups who are all people I like.

Good thing I like to party as next week is the family BBQ hosted here by yours truly.  I need a nap!

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