Sunday, August 18, 2013

Family BBQ

It would have been good if I remembered to use a camera today!  But it was a great family and friends BBQ and Fiona had a great time as well. She is here with KC, Rob, his girlfriend and Lissa. Actually I did take pics of the canopy and set up before the party started. I will have to download those. (the above picture was taken with Rob's girlfriends phone.  Since she posted it on social media I felt okay about putting it here.)

 When things started though, I was just busy mingling and making sure folks were happy and fed.  It has taken a lot of years to blend us all into a cohesive unit. We have seen deaths, marriages, breakups, family expansion with the addition of children, sickness, and trauma.  But through it all, through the times we didn't understand each other, we held each other in love.  And gradually, understanding came.  I am a firm believer in the just keep being nice philosophy and it has stood me in good stead.  Today I watched my inlaws and my mom reach out with love to Fiona, to Rob's girlfriend and her mom, to our neighbors.  I marveled at the bonds that have grown between my inlaws and my mom and my kids godparents.  I smiled watching the kids de-camp from the food zone and getting silly all together in the upper part of the yard while we old fogies stayed down below chatting and catching up.

I am blessed beyond words, utterly enveloped in bliss at the moment.  Having all my kids here and happy was the best.  Hearing my BIL engage Fiona in conversation about moving out here and seeing her again soon was a gift I will treasure. Watching my mom and Fi hug, another pearl.

You would never know looking at the back yard that anything happened there today.  I am (patting self on back shamelessly) a pro at breaking down from an event. K had to go to work so she left about 3 and I did the cleanup while the kids watch Teen Beach Movie together. This was the movie Fiona was sick and missed on her last visit so she was mega happy to finally see it.  Chet came down and hung out with them as well, and listening to the chatter and laughter in the living room while I did the kitchen clean up was great.

My mom and my FIL are both 80.  Rob is 17 and on the cusp of fledging and starting his adult life in the not distant future.  I have the feeling that he will spread his wings and soar and that his flight will take him far from me before he circles back.  I have a sense that days like today are truly ones to treasure as we never know how many times we have to be all together. So I will always hold this memory close, and images of the day will be bright in my heart,  even though I didn't use my camera much!

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