Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It is very early morning as I write this and the kids are all ready awake and chattering in their rooms.  It is Halloween, you see, and that is a pretty big deal in our house.  There are pumpkins to carve, seeds to roast, costumes to wear in the dark of the night.  It is also a night that is very important within our pagan tradition.

Until last night, I did not have a costume.  I had precious little time to devote to such an endeavor and just was coming up short in the creativity department.  However KC said "why don't you go as Mother Earth?" This also embraces my theology somewhat, and was easy to do from things around the house.  Last night, while the Red Sox cruised to a win I tacked faux leaves and flowers on a green cloak of polar fleece that we all ready had.

This is also an exciting Halloween as for the first time since before Lissa was born, K is able to walk with us.In the past, her work schedule has not permitted it.

So have a spooktacular Halloween everyone.  The veils between the worlds are thin tonight.  I'll be holding the memories of loved ones who have passed in my thoughts and hoping they can feel the love and the joy that is their legacy.

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