Friday, October 18, 2013

Fiona's plans move forward

There have been a flurry of phone calling and emailing with regards to Fiona's pending move.  I have filled out and mailed the guardianiship papers and the CORI form.  The DDS wants to meet our family on November 4th at the Great School so I have successfully gotten permission to take that day off.  I have a 1/2 day off on 11/11 so that I can go tour her new home with her as well.

Wednesday evening when we spoke on the phone she said she had great news that she wanted to tell me when she comes out this weekend.  I think is has to do with contact with her Mom J.  She said that she is happy but feels really badly because she is afraid KC and Lissa will be sad.

I told her that Lissa is so young that she does not get a lot of these things yet.  KC would likely be a little sad but he would also be happy for her, because he does understand. He is in fact, writing to his birth mom again this week.

She said she wished she was adopted when she was a baby because then she would not have all these confusing feelings. That she wanted us to be "like blood."  I reminded her that we are family forever and that getting back in contact with her first family members never changes that. I also tried to explain that even if she had been adopted as a baby she would still have confusing feelings because she has seen that in KC all ready.  Adoption has part of it that is always about questions and hurting, but what we can do as a family is love each other and that gives us strength getting through the tough spots.

I don't know how much she got and how much she will remember if things start to feel overwhelming for her.  We have some fun festivals to visit this weekend though that will hopefully help balance any of the tough stuff.

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