Saturday, October 5, 2013

Holiday Prep x 2

 It's October baby!  That means it is time to start working on Halloween costumes.  This is Lissa hard at work turning lovely white fur lurid pink with sparkles so that she can be transformed into a glamourous werewolf.  LOL  She worked really hard on this.  I am going to cut the pink fur into strips and she will glue it onto jeans and a furry hoodie with fabric fusion glue.  We will also make anklets and wristlets from it.  Have not figured out the tail thing yet.  Or ears. Gad we need ears too. Pink werewolf ears! ROFL

KC on the other hand, has the tail thing all set for his werewolf costume.  He borrowed Rob's tail.  Rob went through a stage where he liked to walk around with these dangling off his jeans.  I have no idea why.  Clearly my fashion sense is impaired.  Thankfully, like many teen fashions it has gone the way of other fashion faux pas.

This is KC's start on his werewolf costume.  We have a really warm hoodie and he is attaching "patches" of fur so it will look like he was transforming into the wolf while still wearing his human clothes.  It looks cool, but he has decided that he has to take some light browns and white or gray and tip the edges of the fur so it will tie better with the color of the tail.  I guess if you are of artistic bent the fact that you are wearing this in the dark does not matter. It has to flow together and make sense. :-)

It was a fun project for them as KC was stuck inside today on day 2 of a head cold. Thankfully it doesn't seem too bad but he typically needs to get a lot of extra rest when he is ill.  And he had to miss dance class which kills him.  I wonder if Rob will dress up this year?  Even last year he did (Lil Wayne)  but I am not sure about this year.

I also have to get cracking on Chet's costume.  He has a vision of being a giant head of lettuce and somehow the body of the lettuce head is supposed to conceal the candy bowl from which he will dole out treats to the kids who ring our bell.  At one point this all made some kind of sense to me (or else i was delusional) and I happily agreed to help craft it.  Now it seems rather um, challenging so I need to spend some time thinking about that.

Added to that my wife and I are going shopping to put gifts on layaway tomorrow. I am actually excited as this is the first year since Lissa was born that my wife has been able to do this with me. typically up till now, the buying, wrapping hiding et al, has been on me.  With her schedule being even crazier than mine, and the depression that often hits her at the holidays, she had no energies to devote to it. We have tomorrow morning free and I thought that perhaps doing it earlier would also be better for her emotionally. K and I rarely are out together with out the kids. This is going to be a fun date!

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