Friday, October 4, 2013

The Oregon Trail?

I keep trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we are looking at colleges with Rob.  Part of me will always see the little boy cuddled up with me reading stories, the Little Leaguer, all those different stages our kids go through. But he has gone through most of them.  And now, at 17 is in his senior year of high school and seriously looking at college options.

He is eager to embark on a culinary arts career. For a while, he was leaning toward a college here in the North East, but these days, the front runner seems to be out in Oregon.  Yeah.  Oregon.  As in all the way across the country.

He has done his homework and there is much to recommend the school he has chosen.  Academically the class sizes are small. The students are encouraged  to work in the food industry part time while in school and classes are structured time wise to accommodate this. They embrace homeschoolers and alternative learning styles.

Situated in Portland, there is an excellent public transportation system. He won't need a car.  He will be minutes from several excellent skateboarding parks.  I think it is smart that he looked to find out about this--skateboarding is a passion of his.  There are also a lot of other outdoor activity options and Portlands funky, green vibe appeals to him.

The school will pair him with 3 other students who will share a furnished apartment together.  It makes sense.  I am proud of the effort he has put into searching out information and the hours spent in phone calls with the staff there.  I am also pleased that his relationship with his lovely girl friend is not factoring into where he wishes to go to school.  Though not one to pick a fight, he is also not one to give up on something that he really wants to do.

For us, the family, Oregon seems soooooo stinking far away.  But my goal has always been for him to spread his wings and fly.  Better yet, to soar toward a goal. For the longest time, I thought he would never HAVE  a dream or a goal.  He didn't like to look that far ahead, was too afraid a dream would result in disappointment. That he has a dream and a plan to achieve it--that's all pretty amazing and I am excited for him.  Even though the house will seem awfully empty come July.

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