Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's almost official

I received a call from Jane last night and the finalization of my guardianship of Fiona will likely happen in November.  This is a relief to us all.  Presently, because someone administratively in DCF dropped the ball years ago she has not had a legal guardian since she turned 18.  So someone with very limited cognitive abilities, with a number of significant mental health diagnosis technically has been able to make their own decisions.  This has been tiptoed around since it was discovered and Fiona has very willingly empowered the Great School to make decisions on her behalf. But she leaves the school in December and I most definately want my daughter to have the safest and happiest future possible.

Fi is struggling a lot right now.  She is deeply afraid of moving to the new group home and leaving the Great School.  It has been a solid anchor in her life and though there have been typical issues between her and other students, it is familiar.  It is home.  And the unknown is scary for everyone, probably amplify that a thousandfold for Fiona.  The unknown has in her life brought some really scary negative things.  Hopefully between us, the staff at school and her other family supports, we can show her that she is not alone and we are all in this together.

She had a visit with D, who is Rob and Fiona's bio brother.  He is a year or so older than Rob but younger than Fiona.  Jane said he reminded her so much of Rob as like Rob, he  was very quiet at the outset of the visit. I am hoping that we get to have a visit between he and Rob and in an ideal world, Fiona as well.

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